The 102nd Fighter Wing & 101st Fighter Squadron

"Omnis Vir Tigris"


Artwork Featuring the 102nd FW & 101st FS

101st Fighter Squadron Posters



Eric Michelsen's Website

Eric has painted many outstanding 102nd FW / 101st FS subjects, including full wall murals at Otis ANGB.

101st FS Wall Painting



Rick Herter's "Ground Zero, Eagles on Station"

Rick's Website

Defend America Article on the Painting


Mike "Magoo" McGee's Artwork

Magoo's Website:

"Nantucket Knife Fight"



Backeast Graphics by Bob Guere


"Angry Eagles" by Robert Worley



My Speculative Anniversary Artwork (click on images for larger versions)

101st Fighter Squadron Lineage


20 Years of F-15 Operations


A poster I created depicting all of the 102nd FW F-15A/Bs


102 FW & 101 FS Home

Official 102nd IW Website