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F-15As Being Retired to Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center

As the F-15Cs become operational, the F-15As are being sent to AMARC for retirement.

This page highlights:

 77-102, 77-089 and 77-099 on 31 July 2006

77-111 at AMARC

77-102, 77-089 and 77-099 traveled to AMARC on 31 July 2006, and on their way, made a refueling stop at McConnell AFB, Kansas. 77-102 was the flagship of the 102nd FW, and was one of the two jets that were first over New York City on September 11, 2001.

Matt Jackson captured them as they departed Otis ANGB. Extra special thanks to Matt and all the folks at the 102nd for capturing the jets as they left their base for the last time.

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John Gabor and Jeff Stoermer photographed them during their visit to McConnell AFB. Extra special thanks to John and Jeff, the 102nd FW pilots and folks at McConnell AFB for allowing the photographs to be taken from great vantage spots.

Wally "Rip" Van Winkle photographed the jets at AMARC - extra special thanks to Rip and the folks at AMARC for capturing them.

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Photos by John Gabor




Photos by Jeff Stoermer   


Photos by Wally "Rip" Van Winkle at AMARC



77-111 at AMARC, also known as "Christine" at one time

Photos by Buck Richardson, via Scott Russell and Matt Jackson. Extra special thanks to these guys.


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